Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 20 - Week 3 recap

Went to my 3rd doctor visit today and I can now eat soft foods!!!

So when I got home I cut up a banana to eat. It was strange, because I wasn't sure if I was actually chewing. I didn't choke though so I guess I was doing something right. The only problem I could see myself having apart from choking is food getting stuck in my splint. But that's more like gross discomfort rather than anything problematic.

As I was eating my banana, I noticed a box of muffins on the counter and you know, muffins are a pretty soft food. I ate a muffin and a half, though I felt kind of sick after, so I guess I should pace myself in the future. But it was so good. And thinking about it, 20 days isn't really that long, but that's complete hindsight.

Dr. Stark also said that I only need rubber bands on for 1 more week!!! And then my splint comes off in two weeks so I'm really looking forward to that because no splint hopefully means that I will be able to talk normally and basically be back to normal apart from my semi-restricted diet.

So many exclamation marks but it was such an exciting day!

Let's see... I can smile pretty normally now. My face is definitely more expressive with all of this regained mobility, though still a bit swollen. The extra stitches were taken out. I was given some jaw exercises to do and I was given the OK to blow my nose if needed, though lightly. My lips still don't close normally, but I can close them without it being too forced.

The last bit of exciting news is that I felt a light cold sensation on my bottom lip! Not much because it's kind of layered, but there was a definite sensation!

Today has probably been one of the more exciting days -- right up there with when I regained the ability to drink from a cup and use a spoon. Every day is progress.

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