Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 13 / Week 2 in Review

So I visited my doctor today and he said everything is looking spiffy! I asked about the stitches that are on the inside center of my upper lip because I didn't expect to see any stitches there. He said that because they expanded my upper jaw, they also had to lengthen my upper lip and that I shouldn't worry if they randomly fall out when I brush my teeth. He's going to remove them next week if they're not all out by then anyways.

Week two - I definitely started this week more swollen than I am now and like I said before - if you didn't know me, I look pretty normal now apart from the open mouth thing.

My head still feels really heavy when I wake up, but it's just a bit uncomfortable. It goes away when I start walking around. Then again, I could just hate waking up.

I really think that all of the walking has helped. It makes me feel healthier at least more than if I were just sitting on the couch all day. I think it's an important point to remember that I had surgery, I'm not sick, so it's a good thing to be active to get back to my old routine.

Food is okay. I've been eating a lot of applesauce. There's different flavors. I also like clam chowder. And then the other day I was really desperate for peanut butter, so I mixed some in my Cream of Wheat and it actually tasted really good! Still desperate for more peanut butter, I melted some in the microwave, added milk and it turned out surprisingly decent. Also, any fruit + vanilla ice cream + milk + ice makes a good milkshake. I had a nectarine milkshake the other day, but again it's all in moderation because I get sick of the same foods really easily.

My lower lip and my upper chin are still completely numb, though they are tingling. Other parts of my face like my nose and the area next to it are semi-numb, meaning I can feel if something is hot or cold, but I can't really feel it directly if that makes any sense. It's layered.

Overall I feel pretty good right now and I've been told it only gets better from here!

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