Thursday, September 29, 2016

1.3 Year Update - in which I complain about braces

Because The Walking Dead is coming back on soon, I'm just really relating to this right now. It's a fear, maybe not an entirely realistic one, but definitely not impossible. Going on 3+ years of braces now,  I just feel like with every passing day I'm one step closer to an apocalypse in which I'll be stuck with braces.

BUT there is some good news! Because I'm moving, and therefore won't be around my orthodontist ever again, I'm pretty sure they will be off by the end of November - they have to be :)

My next ortho appointment is in two weeks, and so by then hopefully my teeth will have officially "stabilized." They'll probably need to keep stabilizing until the end of November though, considering all the time they've taken to stabilize thus far. And to be honest, my bite is still not perfect. It's never going to be. But my teeth touch and I was happy with that a long time ago. So what I'm trying to say is it just seems kind of superfluous to aim for this unattainable degree of perfection.

I'm cynical and I'm bitter. And I'm also 70% confident that my braces will be off by the end of November!

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