Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One Year Update

I still have braces.

I honestly thought they'd be off at this point, just based off of everything that I read. It just goes to show that everyone is different and that some midlines are more easily aligned than others.

But I soldier on. It wouldn't be so frustrating if my orthodontists wouldn't keep telling me "Oh, definitely next time," and then next time rolls around and it turns into "You're not quite there yet. See you back in 4 more weeks." Not to be melodramatic, but I think I may have braces forever.

I was looking back at photos from this time last year, and this would've been day 4 post-op and boy was that a rough time.

Currently, half of my bottom lip and half of my chin remains numb, as does the part of my palate right behind my upper front teeth. But I don't notice the numbness much and nobody can tell because it's not like I drool or can't drink from a glass. It's just annoying when you're putting on chapstick and the like. I do still get sharp shooting pains on the left side of my jaw, but that's only when I wear rubber bands for a prolonged period of time. Another frustration with braces.

Well, the next time I update will be to either confirm my fear of lifelong braces OR to celebrate my newly naked teeth, hopefully around June 27th. Fingers crossed for the latter!!

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  1. You're almost there! It's been a long journey, huh? I hope you got your braces off. I can't wait to have mine off either :)