Friday, December 18, 2015

Six Month Update

Well, I still have braces because although my front teeth are good, there's still a bit of space in the back, which is apparently common when you start with an open-bite like I had and then close it. But my retainer was taken out! (only because it broke when I was eating an apple.) It's nice to be able to feel the roof of my mouth again, but I noticed that behind my front teeth is still completely numb. With the retainer in I didn't notice that, so I didn't know to ask my doctor about it. 

I did ask him about the numbness in my bottom lip, which I am happy to say has full partial feeling! It's very minimal on my right side, but I can still feel pressure. I couldn't tell direction or feel hot/cold when he tested that area though. It was just a tingling sensation that something was there. Which is fine with me. It's possible that more feeling could come back in the next six months since there is feeling there now, so I'll remain cautiously optimistic for now.

I had been having some popping/cracking/discomfort on the left side of my jaw whenever I was eating, and that's apparently just due to getting used to the new alignment of my teeth/pressure from the rubber-bands, so I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug, which has worked. 

Also, my hair is back to normal. The telogen effluvium literally lasted a month, so not too big a deal.

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll update again when I get my braces off. 

Day 1
Month 6

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